MDR – Upcoming Release! – May 26, 2015

MDR – Upcoming Release! – May 26, 2015


“When Lizzie was growing up there’d never been enough money for anything, much less clothes. The youngest of four girls whose ages were separated by only six years, she’d even had to wear the same dress her big sisters had already worn to their own proms. As a consequence, it was unfortunately memorable. Lizzie still cringed, remembering the snide comments of the other girls who’d seen that dress making an appearance under the gym’s crepe-paper streamers three times before. Even her date had recognized it. No wonder she’d been a depressed kid.”

As always, please consider buying your copy from an independent book seller. Copies will definitely be available at the following independent sellers:

Garden District Books
Lemuria Books
Square Books
Turnrow Books


Upcoming Book Signings:

May 26, 2015 – Garden District Books, New Orleans, Louisiana

June 23, 2015 – Lemuria Books, Jackson, Mississippi

June 24, 2015 – Square Books, Oxford, Mississippi

June 25, 2015 – Turnrow Books, Greenville, Mississippi