_NEF2741Amy Carolyn Conner was born 17 April, 1956 in Cheyenne, WY to Dr. and Mrs. Weir Conner III. The oldest of four girls, she attended grammar and high school in Jackson, MS, graduating from Murrah High School in 1974. She completed her BA in philosophy with honors from Newcomb College of Tulane University in New Orleans, LA in 1982 after having taken a three year break in her college career at the strong suggestion of her dean and other parties concerned about her cavalier attitude towards her schooling.

Subsequently, Ms. Conner spent the winter and spring of 1978 at The Yorkshire Riding Center, a riding school in Harrogate, England, returning to the US to hold down menial jobs in the horse industry for three years. After she’d had enough of this, she returned to college as an older and wiser woman of 23 and got serious about her education, changing her major from ceramics to philosophy with a concentration in ethics.

She also got serious about Zachary Casey, a fellow philosophy major and native New Orleanian. They married in May of 1982, settled in New Orleans and six months later Mr. Casey took a position in his family firm that required relocating to Singapore. After strenuous objections, Ms. Conner eventually moved there as well and lived in Singapore for a year to the day before returning home to New Orleans to have her first child, Fionn Casey in 1984. Five years later, her second child, Rue Casey, was born.

amy websiteMs. Conner’s work history includes (but is not limited to) the following professions: runway model, private investigator, horse trainer/riding instructor, oriental rug and antique salesman, legal secretary, executive assistant and t-shirt designer. From 1986 to 2006, she was part-owner with her husband of the world’s largest alligator farming concern and during that time worked in the skin business with Hermes in Paris, Gucci in Milan and other high-end designers of premium luxury strap goods. During this period, Ms. Conner often traveled in Europe to promote the business and fell in love with Paris and the French people.

Having spent fifteen years on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain in Covington, LA, in 2004 Ms. Conner returned to the city she loves most, New Orleans and lived with her family in the French Quarter until 29 August, 2005 when the levees broke and the city flooded. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, she relocated briefly to an awful condominium in Jackson, MS, coming home to N.O. as soon as was humanly possible. The storm’s impact on the alligator business was devastating and so the farming operation was lost to a hostile takeover action from Mr. Casey and Ms. Conner’s business partners in Santa Fe, NM.

Mr. Casey and Ms. Conner divorced, amicably enough, in 2006, and are still best friends.

Ms. Conner began writing in earnest at the advanced age of 50, having come to the realization that she couldn’t be an athlete (horse trainer) forever. The Right Thing is her second novel.